Our first summer at Taverna Thessaloniki in 1985

Megali Ammos in summer 1985

Megali Ammos in winter 2011

Taverna “Thessaloniki”
Megali Ammos
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  1. I think it was this place my girlfriend and I passed a couple of times on our beach walk to Skiathos City before we decided to get in. Around Sep 1999. Not many people were there and the lights were always dimmed, we did not even understand it was a restaurant, but something pulled us in. Once inside this beautiful dining hall this grumpy older man walked to us not really interested in serving, but once he did the ice broke quickly. His name was Strathos if I am right. He appeared to be a funny man with a twinkle in his eyes, his wife (Anna or Eva?) cooked and for a few days we were the only guests in this enchanting place right at the beach, it seemed time stopped there Frieda... am I right? Is this that place? Just like to know for romance sake. thanks.

  2. The place you are talking about is our next door neighbor. Stratos, as you remember correctly, is still there quite a bit older now and maybe a little grumpier. His sister Nina, that used to do the cooking passed away a few years ago.

  3. We enjoyed the time with them both. Sorry to hear she passed away. All the best to Stratos in all of his grumpiness if that is even a word. I am sure he does not remember us, but who knows. We loved Skiathos and there is a fair chance we will return. If so... expect us to visit you because your place looks wonderful.


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